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Right on the beach, 200 feet from the ocean the beachcabin is situated at one of the best coastslines of Sweden. Mitt bland böljande sanddynor, vajande gräs, vågornas sus och ljummen bris the beachcabin welcomes you to a week of relaxation in a beautiful environment.


The beach in northern Mellbystrand, where the cabin is situated, is a blue flag beach. Blue flag is an international mark of quality, well known throughout Europe. A blue flag beach means a stong environmental program, beautiful nature and safety. Blue flag means the standard of the beach is high, information and activities plentiful, and all other demands that are put on a Blue flag beach are fulfilled.

Open the cabin door, take a step out in the sand and you find yourself right on the beach. The warm sand strains softly between your toes and the inland breeze ruffles the hair on your way to the ocean for a swim. På väg till stranden.
Solnedgång i Mellbystrand

After a hot day it's nice to go down to the ocean and have the last swim of the day while the sun is mirroring like fire on the water. Afterwards you sit in the sand, watching as the sun sets behind the horizon creating all inds of pastel colors in the sky.

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